Please don’t come to work naked


Picture credit: @simonheath

This last weekend we witnessed the hottest day of the year so far in the UK, by which we mean the temperature crept up above 10 degrees and we’re hopeful there might not be snow until next winter.

As usual this turn of events was welcomed with varying degrees of optimism. For me, a girl who never goes anywhere without a coat, even in the height of summer (just in case) I might have considered wearing short sleeves or removing my scarf. Only indoors though.

I’m at one end of the scale. At the other end are those who think we’ve somehow been transported to the Mediterranean. I feel sorry for them, being unable to comprehend the incongruity of the sun shining, but it’s still freezing. Oblivious to this they have been digging out their shorts, strapless tops and flip flops. I witnessed one poor woman at a children’s playground yesterday shivering and hugging herself in her floaty summer maxi dress. No coat, no cardigan. It’s wishful thinking in the extreme.

It really is a question of context. Fast forward to a day which is actually hot, say in July, and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at maxi dress wearing at the park. But even in that month, transpose that dress sense into the workplace and I fear it is out of place. I’m all for expressing individuality but please be sensible. It’s not a question of style, but of modesty. I’m no prude – there’s just some parts of other people’s bodies I don’t want to see.

So at the risk of sounding too traditional I’m going to say, keep it professional. Be aware of the image you portray. We’re all adults so I don’t think it’s necessary for me to spell out in a policy the A to Z of dressing appropriately for work. But if you’re still unsure, just follow this simple rule – don’t come to work naked (or nearly naked). I will have this made into a poster if necessary 🙂

If you have any ideas for a modern and forward thinking employee code of conduct please let me know by commenting on this post.

4 thoughts on “Please don’t come to work naked

  1. So, I’m curious at what’s bothered you…… is it a maxi skirt or shorts? I’m not sure how this stops people from doing their job well, even if it’s not your own preference.

    Written from my sofa wearing, leggings, which I swore i never would.

  2. ChristopherinHR

    Definitely a cultural question which varies by company although nearly naked is a challenge almost everywhere… Other than nightclubs. A lovely reminder to use culturally congruent sense.

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