6 reasons for letting go


I’m sorry, I’m going to have to let you go. Words everyone dreads to hear from a HR professional. But it’s not what you think.

In a few weeks it’ll be spring so I’m having a clear out. There’s some things in here that have been laid around for years. They’re holding me back, weighing me down, tying me to the past and stopping me from moving on. Continue reading “6 reasons for letting go”

5 more things my kids taught me about work (and life)


Just over two months ago I decided to step into the world of HR blogging. I had only been back at work for around six weeks following maternity leave for my third child. Two months on and it feels like I’ve never been away, both with regards to work and the blog.

For someone who’s career minded and doesn’t want to miss out on raising their children, working part time was a difficult decision to take. It’s like dipping a toe into each but never fully diving in. But I’m striving to make it work. Continue reading “5 more things my kids taught me about work (and life)”

Flavour of the month


Favourites. It’s a dangerous game to play and one in which there aren’t many willing participants.

Bias is something we all participate in and act upon. We might prefer people who we perceive as being like ourselves, or those who are what we aspire to be like. We might gravitate towards people if we enjoy their sense of humour, or respect their intelligence. It’s only natural. But letting that bias creep into management decisions is a whole different ball game. Continue reading “Flavour of the month”