Geek Chic


I have one of those faces. Over the years I’ve been told by numerous people I remind them of their friend or neighbour. I’ve been confused as being related to people I’m not. I’ve known those who can’t tell me apart from someone else they know, and others who swear they’ve spotted my doppelgänger.

The strangest incident of this type occurred a few weeks ago when I met a new colleague for the first time and was introduced to her by somebody else as “your twin”. We made polite small talk, and perhaps weighed each other up a little, considering the reason for this. We were soon enlightened that our perceived similarity was due to us both being considered “geeks”. I certainly took it as a compliment – what an introduction!

Being a lifelong self-confessed geek I know only too well the darker origins of the term. It comes from the German word, meaning “fool” or “freak” and has regularly been used in the past to unfairly label quiet, intelligent people.

Nowadays “geek” could almost be considered a brand, and dare I say it “cool” (although there is surely some unwritten rule about geeks using that word). The myth of a geek being a bespectacled nerd hunched over their computer all day has been (mostly) dispelled.

Previously the message might have been for geeks to unite (over the Internet of course). Now it’s a call for geeks to go out into the World, impart their knowledge and dazzle others with their facts (where necessary in the form of awesome spreadsheets). Geeks can be found in all walks of life talking common sense in meetings and interjecting with their logical conclusions. A geek left to stagnate is a sad example of untapped potential. There’s so much going on beneath their often unassuming veneer.

Of course there’s still the occasional need to unite – in the form of unstoppable quiz teams, but that’s allowable right?

Every organisation needs it’s share. Are you a geek?

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