The Real Agenda


Ah, the agenda. It’s a slightly old fashioned document that arrives around one week prior to a meeting to tell everyone what they’re supposed to be talking about. It’s the Chair’s job to guide those present through each item. But no matter how strong the group, there’s always a hidden agenda. The vocal dissenters are easier to control but those who undertake a quieter rebellion are harder to spot. The Chair is multi-tasking in the extreme. They are likely to be talking, listening, guiding and trying to bring people into the discussion all at the same time. In addition they may also be writing and conjecturing. Body language, subtle tones of voice and the like tend to become part of the white noise, making it difficult to bring issues out in the open and therefore address them.

Here I imagine what a purely “Hidden Agenda” might look like.

The Hidden Agenda

The Meeting Room – The Offices

Any Day of the Week

Item 1. Don’t like you.

The reasons behind this are numerous, but simple, human dislike has a lot to answer for.

Item 2. Grudge.

Following on from item 1. It’s only work, get over it.

Item 3. Steal not support.

You have a great idea that people love. But instead of supporting it, they claim it as their own.

Item 4. Take the Credit.

Similar to Item 3. Even when the person who actually did the work is in the room. No shame.

Item 5.Blame someone/anyone.

With shoulders as steep as ski slopes I doubt they even know they’re doing it.

Item 6.Irrelevance.

Talking about anything other than the matter at hand.

Item 7.Opposed to everything.

Doesn’t matter what it is they’ll think of a good reason why it won’t work. Sometimes labeled as Devil’s Advocate.

Item 8.The sheep.

Leaders want their staff to follow their vision, but not at the expense of any sort of opinion or personality.

Item 9.Get Me out of Here.

It’s not you, these people just plain don’t want to be there.

I think that’s enough for one meeting. Date and time of the next meeting to be arranged.

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