HR Students: Who to Follow on Twitter

I’ve never done any kind of “who to follow” or “best of” post before because there’s so many people on Twitter and other platforms sharing great content. However, it’s a question I’m increasingly asked by my students. They’re poised to embark on their HR careers and they want to know what’s happening out there in the real HR World. A number are also writing HR/social media dissertations and want to find out specifically about HR on social media.

Twitter is my favourite platform because it has everything; it’s both social and professional, and also very open. However, all that great content can appear to be a deafening amount of noise when you’re on the outside of the profession and not sure what you’re looking for. The social aspect of it can also be intimidating. So please treat this list as it is intended; a starter for ten for those new to HR.

Finally, the list is by no means definitive (which I feel is impossible). Technically it’s not even a list becuase I don’t think you can put a set number on these things. So if you feel someone important is excluded (and apologies to my friends if you are!) then please feel free to add via the comment facility.

When I was first asked who to follow on twitter my immediate first thought was @mjcarty. Michael Carty not only shares a great mix of current HR related news, blogs and think pieces, he’s also one the nicest person you’ll meet on twitter. Although if the award is for nicest tweep, the joint honour would need to go to @KingfisherCoach.

On the subject of blogs, @HR_Gem is the best UK HR blogger in my humble opinion. She’s also just written a book with @TimScottHR on Social Media and work (see here).

Since it’s a requirement for practically every UK HR job to have membership of the CIPD, you’re going to want to follow them on twitter (@CIPD). Again, you’ll find a good range of content here with a little bit of fun. CIPD employees @dds180 and @jonnygiff are also worth a follow. Another brilliant and very professional general feed I can highly recommend is @HRCurator.

Then they’re others who are right at the forefront of what’s next in HR; try @MervynDinnen, @PerryTimms and @SimonHealth1. Simon also draws brilliant cartoons that are too good to miss. A fellow academic who will help you get into that critical mindset is @Rob_Briner.

Finally if the Human Resources thing is getting you down, you can’t fail to be motivated by @sbrownehr whose mission is to share the HR love via his #HRpositive message. While we’re on the subject of blogs, if you’d like read more just use the hashtag #hrblog.

I hope you enjoyed this whistlestop tour of Human Resources on Twitter and good luck in your studies!

5 thoughts on “HR Students: Who to Follow on Twitter

  1. You may have opened a can of worms here Helen! I also often get asked who to follow by my CIPD students and it’s quite difficult – for example those who specialise in L&D might want to follow more specific learning tweeters. And to me, one of the great things about social media in general and Twitter in particular is that you can get an international perspective so I always try and make sure I recommend some overseas people.

    That’s not to say I disagree with any on your list who are all good people to follow, and I’m not just going to add random names otherwise it starts to become a popularity contest. What I would say though to anyone new is to start with this list and then look at who the people who they follow and begin to add names from that.

  2. For those who want to focus more on the Learning and Development side of the fence I’d recommend following @LnDConnect. There’s a bunch of really inspirational folk in that community who are keen to share wisdom and latest thinking.

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