Top Tips from #PeopleAnalytics15


If you’ve looked at my blog and/or Twitter feed this week you can’t have failed to notice how inspired I was by #PeopleAnalytics15. With such a focussed agenda it was inevitable that things got a little repetitive as the conference progressed, but I found reassurance in the realisation that an effective people analytics function can be developed when adhering to a few key points. I realise there’s already quite a few posts of this type around, but I always find it helpful to crystallise your own thoughts and translate your learning to your own context. Therefore here are my top tips from the event.

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Truce! The age-old battle of HR vs Finance


I’m surmising this based on gut feeling rather than statistics, but I’m pretty sure that some of the stereotyping of people in certain careers is actually true a high percentage of the time. You tend to need to identify yourself as a “people person” when you’re working in HR. Perhaps even more obviously, those working in finance are “numbers people”. The traditional rivalry between the two could be likened to a personified battle of qualitative versus quantitative. No wonder they rarely get on. However, like the two data types, they’re much more powerful when they’re combined than they are in isolation. Continue reading “Truce! The age-old battle of HR vs Finance”

Why HR Analytics isn’t sexy


Lately I’ve been finding it hard to find time for that essential HR professional task of reading People Management. But the latest issue’s opening gambit by Peter Cheese struck an extremely relevant chord with me. I totally agree that the importance of HR Analytics is currently being bypassed. It’s not even the cup of tea for most HR professionals I know (cue many fake yawns when I announced my excitement at attending the Tucana HR Analytics conference in April) so heck knows how we’re supposed to get managers on board. Continue reading “Why HR Analytics isn’t sexy”