The Office goes Back to the Future


While none of us have a crystal ball we’re pretty fond of trying to look ahead to what the future might hold for us. As far as organisations are concerned a competitive edge only comes with predicting what’s just around the corner. I’m pretty scathing when it comes to business buzzwords, but I actually quite like the term ‘Horizon Gazing’. I think it evokes an ethereal quality, staring out at the setting sun. In many ways this is what we might as well be doing if we’re trying to predict the future. Continue reading “The Office goes Back to the Future”

Solving Unemployment 1930’s Style


I come from a family of hoarders. Well that’s what my parents always told me anyway. When we cleared my grandparents’ house in the 1980s it was a treasure trove of interesting, yet mostly useless, items. Continue reading “Solving Unemployment 1930’s Style”