What are you worth? 

A few days ago I was reminiscing with my husband about a range of books we had both loved as children called “Choose your own adventure” (as in, Minecraft Story Mode is the new Choose Your Own Adventure). If you were a child in the 80s hopefully you will remember what I am talking about. The story was always an exciting adventure, but rather than reading about somebody else travelling to the bottom of the sea, fighting robbers or discovering hidden treasure, it gave the illusion that you were the central character. This was achieved by the device that when a certain pivotal point in the narrative was reached, the reader had to pick which path the story should take. Make one decision and you had to flick to a particular page to discover what happened next. Choose the alternative and you were sent to an entirely different page. Continue reading “What are you worth? “

Do women or men make better leaders?

A couple of years ago “scientific proof” that male and female brains operate differently was announced. This was quickly followed by general uproar and the accusation that science was “validating sexism”. More recently the original study has been supplemented by more in depth research, which confirmed that the brains of the different sexes are in fact different. However, those differences are very small Continue reading “Do women or men make better leaders?”

One Coin, Two Sides


There’s just a few weeks left until eligible UK mums and dads will be able to share parental leave, and last Thursday I delivered my first webinar on that very subject. The sensation of presenting something to an empty room, over a silent phone link, is strange to say the least, yet I hope I got my point across. Which is tha Continue reading “One Coin, Two Sides”

5 more things my kids taught me about work (and life)


Just over two months ago I decided to step into the world of HR blogging. I had only been back at work for around six weeks following maternity leave for my third child. Two months on and it feels like I’ve never been away, both with regards to work and the blog.

For someone who’s career minded and doesn’t want to miss out on raising their children, working part time was a difficult decision to take. It’s like dipping a toe into each but never fully diving in. But I’m striving to make it work. Continue reading “5 more things my kids taught me about work (and life)”

5 things my kids taught me about work (and life)

Last year, the House of Commons released data indicating that pregnancy and maternity discrimination may be a significant problem in the UK. More disturbing was the realisation that the level of discrimination appears to have grown in the last 10 years, despite improvements to pregnancy and maternity rights over the same period.

It’s astounding that employers are still failing to recognise that being pregnant or having children doesn’t affect a woman’s skills or abilities, and that stereotypes of pregnant workers and working mothers appear to be alive and well.

In contrast having children can build on existing skills, and help to gain new ones.

Continue reading “5 things my kids taught me about work (and life)”