Do you see what I mean? It’s in plain sight. Can’t you see what I’m trying to achieve? Just a few every day expressions that emphasise the importance we place on our ability to see.

I remember my secondary music school teacher asking the class whether they’d rather be blind or deaf. “Neither” is obviously the common sense answer. Nobody gets to choose, but she insisted. I would rather be deaf I said. This was clearly the wrong answer in the eyes of a music teacher to whom hearing is especially important. Continue reading “Blindsided”

Playing a Character and the Make Up Free Selfie


It’s the latest trend. As if a selfie wasn’t bad enough – hampered by poor lighting and camera angles limited by the length of your arm. Now women have to be stripped bare of the face they wear every day, accompanied by their dignity.

It works like this. Remove all traces of make-up. Take said selfie. Post on Facebook. Nominate others to do the same. And I almost forgot the most important part (the point) – donate to cancer charity and ask others to do the same. Continue reading “Playing a Character and the Make Up Free Selfie”