Rethinking Networking

One of the modules I teach involves the use of case studies to bring key Human Resources issues to life. A recent theme was learning and development, with one of the questions asking students to think about learning via networks. This generated some confusion. Isn’t networking about circulating a room, making uncomfortable small talk and handing out your business card? Where is the learning in that?  Continue reading “Rethinking Networking”

#CIPD15 Key Themes Day Two

@hrpotential‘s lowdown on the key themes of the second and final day of #CIPD15

The right network

Linking back to yesterday’s theme of diversity driving innovation, there was a lot to be said on day two about expanding networks. But wait a minute, we do that all the time right? Maybe so, but not with the right people. Continue reading “#CIPD15 Key Themes Day Two”

#CIPD15 Key Themes Day One

@hrpotential‘s lowdown on the key themes of #CIPD15 Day One:

The swings and roundabouts of HR Analytics

There is little disagreement that the data is there, we just need to use it to make better decisions. Maybe one of the reasons why it hasn’t taken off in this way is that even the experts can’t decide whether analytics should sit in HR or not. Morten Kamp made a very balanced argument both for and against in his two previous blogs. Continue reading “#CIPD15 Key Themes Day One”

15 Shades of HR #CIPD15

First of all apologies for paraphrasing the title of what must be this century’s worst successful book, if not ever. Neither is it particularly original, but then what is? I’m more sorry that via the existence of this blog post I’m going to have to admit that I’ve read the darn thing, if only to see what all the fuss was about.  Continue reading “15 Shades of HR #CIPD15”

Looking forward by Looking back #CIPD15

When I was asked what I thought was an excellent question at the interview for my current role, how would your colleagues describe you?, my response was “quiet”. Not believing this to be a particularly desirable quality in most employer’s eyes I qualified it by explaining that it doesn’t mean I can’t do public speaking, just that I don’t believe in wasting words unnecessarily.  Continue reading “Looking forward by Looking back #CIPD15”