Can HRM ever be ethical?

This post is part of a mini series in which I am engaging the students from my module in answering fundamental questions about HRM. The module is critically focussed (rather than mainstream), based on the necessity that HRM reflect and critique it’s own practices in order to improve. The aim of the series is to gather the views of the HR professionals of the future and generate some discussions inside and outside the classroom; the latter hopefully engaging some existing professionals. This second post follows on from last week’s question; What is HRM? Continue reading “Can HRM ever be ethical?”

Please don’t come to work naked


Picture credit: @simonheath

This last weekend we witnessed the hottest day of the year so far in the UK, by which we mean the temperature crept up above 10 degrees and we’re hopeful there might not be snow until next winter.

As usual this turn of events was welcomed with varying degrees of optimism. For me, a girl who never goes anywhere without a coat, even in the height of summer (just in case) I might have considered wearing short sleeves or removing my scarf. Only indoors though. Continue reading “Please don’t come to work naked”