Six Degrees


My story starts a little under 80 years ago, in 1936. It was the year that King George V died, and King Edward VIII both ascended to the throne, and then abdicated. It was also the year in which the controversial Summer Olympics took place in Berlin and was used by Nazi Germany to impress it’s ideas of racial supremacy. Now largely viewed as a strong pre-cursor to the Second World War, it is also lesser known as the first sporting event to be televised live. Continue reading “Six Degrees”

How would HR be remembered?


The last few months have seen the re-emergence of rumblings sounding the death knell for HR. These naysayers and doom-mongers, fed by the economic downturn, view the HR function as an expensive and unnecessary luxury. For the purposes of this article let us imagine that these apocalyptic style predictions have some truth in them (which of course they don’t). Who would deliver HR’s retirement speech and more importantly, what could be said about the HR profession’s achievements? Continue reading “How would HR be remembered?”

Flavour of the month


Favourites. It’s a dangerous game to play and one in which there aren’t many willing participants.

Bias is something we all participate in and act upon. We might prefer people who we perceive as being like ourselves, or those who are what we aspire to be like. We might gravitate towards people if we enjoy their sense of humour, or respect their intelligence. It’s only natural. But letting that bias creep into management decisions is a whole different ball game. Continue reading “Flavour of the month”

Why employee happiness matters

Type “define happiness” into Google and it explains that to be happy is “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”. Sounds like a bit of a dry and one dimensional description, doesn’t it? Perhaps how one would try to explain happiness to a robot, or an alien. It’s commonly described as an emotion, or a mood, although some think that’s too simplistic. Happiness means different things to different people and, consequently, each of us derives happiness differently. No surprise then that it’s difficult to convey the enormity and complexity of happiness within a few succinct words.

While it may be difficult to define happiness satisfactorily, it’s something we are all familiar with. Sure we might not feel happy right now, but all of us have felt it at some point.

Continue reading “Why employee happiness matters”