Top Tips from #PeopleAnalytics15


If you’ve looked at my blog and/or Twitter feed this week you can’t have failed to notice how inspired I was by #PeopleAnalytics15. With such a focussed agenda it was inevitable that things got a little repetitive as the conference progressed, but I found reassurance in the realisation that an effective people analytics function can be developed when adhering to a few key points. I realise there’s already quite a few posts of this type around, but I always find it helpful to crystallise your own thoughts and translate your learning to your own context. Therefore here are my top tips from the event.

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How would HR be remembered?


The last few months have seen the re-emergence of rumblings sounding the death knell for HR. These naysayers and doom-mongers, fed by the economic downturn, view the HR function as an expensive and unnecessary luxury. For the purposes of this article let us imagine that these apocalyptic style predictions have some truth in them (which of course they don’t). Who would deliver HR’s retirement speech and more importantly, what could be said about the HR profession’s achievements? Continue reading “How would HR be remembered?”