Inspiration is a Two Way Street


These days it’s widely recognised that many of the enabling tools and techniques of Human Resources need to be two-way to have any chance of being effective. A top-down, dictatorial style is no longer working (if it ever did in the first place). Communication and engagement are things we do together with our people, not to them or at them. In an ideal world anyway. Yet one of the key concepts of the latest management theories, inspiration, works very differently. Continue reading “Inspiration is a Two Way Street”

Party Pooper


I have to admit, I’m a bit partial to the odd inspirational quote or management soundbite. I know they get on some people’s nerves, but something succinct that’s still thought provoking definitely appeals to my sensibilities. And of course twitter is the perfect medium for this.

One that caught my eye recently said “treat everyone like it’s their birthday”. On the face of it I thought this seemed like a nice idea.

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