My Own Reflection

I’m currently reading Roald Dahl’s Matilda with my middle daughter. I smile, not just at the funny parts, but when Matilda is curled up with her nose in a book while the rest of the family is watching TV. Certainly my parents were not like Matilda’s, but I do remember them making objections to me doing the same, particularly in social situations. Continue reading “My Own Reflection”

Are you in the loop?

It is said that the generation now entering the workforce desire constant feedback and close contact with their line manager. This is something higher education is acutely aware of and is always striving to improve. In fact, part of my seminar this week involved facilitating an activity on feedback. This made me wonder why employers have not been quite as receptive. Continue reading “Are you in the loop?”

2014: HR Year in Review


It’s time to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015. This last year has certainly been an interesting one for Human Resources. After years of austerity, economic recovery finally seemed to slowly be making headway, leading to many employment issues being turned on their head. Continue reading “2014: HR Year in Review”

Confidence in Careers

I was recently tasked with simulating interviews for a group of school leavers. To start with I wasn’t too enthralled about going. I was there on behalf of a colleague who’d had a better offer – I was sure I would rather be at a corporate bash sipping champagne too! But on reflection, perhaps it was actually her who missed out and not me. Continue reading “Confidence in Careers”