HR Wanderlust


This morning an email popped into my Inbox with the title, “Who Else Has Wanderlust?”. Fair dues to the marketers and the online activity monitoring software, it’s actually something I’ve been thinking about lately. It started with my Etsy obsession (which fits rather neatly with my shopping obsession), and the cute little necklace shown in the photo, which has been sitting in my favourite items ever since I opened my account a few years ago. Continue reading “HR Wanderlust”

A Tale of Two Recruitments

The good the bad

When I tell people I’m leaving my current job, the question they tend to ask (normally following a sharp intake of breath) is, “how long have you been here?”. The straightforward answer is that “here” is the only place I’ve ever worked. That sounds very old fashioned. Like I’ve been stuck in a rut for nearly half my life. But that’s very far from the truth. I believe I’ve spent my time fruitfully, undertaking several different roles and grabbing every development opportunity that came my way. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Recruitments”

Playing a Character and the Make Up Free Selfie


It’s the latest trend. As if a selfie wasn’t bad enough – hampered by poor lighting and camera angles limited by the length of your arm. Now women have to be stripped bare of the face they wear every day, accompanied by their dignity.

It works like this. Remove all traces of make-up. Take said selfie. Post on Facebook. Nominate others to do the same. And I almost forgot the most important part (the point) – donate to cancer charity and ask others to do the same. Continue reading “Playing a Character and the Make Up Free Selfie”