Sugarcoating – a modern phenomenon


When I was a little girl I loved traditional fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson, Brothers Grimm and the like. Many of my books had the original storylines, before Disney or the like watered them down. There’s some of those stories I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read to my kids. Not because they’re too dark and scary, but because what they have been force fed about those same stories is so sugarcoated, the truth will probably devastate them.

I feel a similar watering down has been happening in workplaces. Years ago, the traditional command and control hierarchy gave bosses the power to be tough and tell it like it is. Employees just had to put up and shut up if they wanted to keep their job. Such management types still exist but their behaviour is no longer greeted by the respect it earned in the past. Thankfully the balance of power has now shifted. Clearly I don’t lament this happening, but bad news still needs to be delivered. Continue reading “Sugarcoating – a modern phenomenon”