Why HR Analytics isn’t sexy


Lately I’ve been finding it hard to find time for that essential HR professional task of reading People Management. But the latest issue’s opening gambit by Peter Cheese struck an extremely relevant chord with me. I totally agree that the importance of HR Analytics is currently being bypassed. It’s not even the cup of tea for most HR professionals I know (cue many fake yawns when I announced my excitement at attending the Tucana HR Analytics conference in April) so heck knows how we’re supposed to get managers on board. Continue reading “Why HR Analytics isn’t sexy”

The Magic Screen


I own an original 1960’s Etch a Sketch that was my mother’s as a child. There’s no particular reason I’ve kept it – you can hardly draw on it any more – other than nostalgia and sentiment. In fact I’d completely forgotten about it until last night, when my two year brought it to me and asked me to put Peppa Pig on it. I found it pretty impossible to explain such a toy in the context of our modern technology without unwittingly making it sound like an incredibly boring and pointless object. Continue reading “The Magic Screen”