My Own Reflection

I’m currently reading Roald Dahl’s Matilda with my middle daughter. I smile, not just at the funny parts, but when Matilda is curled up with her nose in a book while the rest of the family is watching TV. Certainly my parents were not like Matilda’s, but I do remember them making objections to me doing the same, particularly in social situations. Continue reading “My Own Reflection”

Comprendez my colloquialism?


A few weeks ago I overheard some of the other mothers outside my daughter’s dance class talking about email etiquette. One of them originally hails from Spain and was explaining to the others how it’s extremely impolite in her country to send an email that addresses someone only by their first name, and is not preceded by some kind of greeting. She went on to say that if such an email ever graces her inbox she feels very offended. Continue reading “Comprendez my colloquialism?”

Stating the Obvious

If you haven’t seen a British comedy programme called “Black Books” you’re missing out. Irish comedian Dylan Moran plays the grumpy offbeat bookstore owner, Bernard Black. He’s certainly passionate about his books, but not about the people who want to buy them. In the first episode a pretentious rich type wants to know if the Dickens are bound with ‘real leather’. In order to avoid talking to the customer, Bernard picks up the phone. Yet the customer persists in barraging him with questions. Bernard scribbles “on phone” on a post-it note and sticks it to his forehead. The customer storms out. Situation resolved.

Continue reading “Stating the Obvious”