6 Common Barriers to Workforce Agility


The word agility conjures an image of a lithe gymnast contorting their body into numerous seemingly impossible positions. They are able to achieve with grace and poise movements which to the untrained amateur would be jerky and uncomfortable. It’s all down to flexibility. Continue reading “6 Common Barriers to Workforce Agility”

Is commercial confidentiality outdated?


Although openness and transparency are the values of the day for organisations wanting to excel, commercial confidentiality still lurks in a dark corner, attempting to keep business plans and ideas away from competitors. In HR we understand the importance of keeping information confidential for the right reasons. But in this information age, is commercial secrecy even possible, let alone desirable? Continue reading “Is commercial confidentiality outdated?”

The Allure of Anonymous


Anonymous is powerful. It can stir up many emotions. Curiosity, annoyance, even fear. It can lead the mind to wander, to speculate. Many myths and urban legends endure because they are anonymous. It’s the unknown factor that makes them so compelling. If an anonymous is unmasked or reveals themselves, the mystique is lost.

Anonymous appears in many guises. From victims of crime protected from reprisal by anonymity, to perpetrators of crime who need to protect their anonymity to avoid punishment. Some are anonymous because they lack confidence, and others because they lack morals. While anonymous has an allure and excitement, it also has a dark side.

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6 key mistakes of employee communications


It’s impossible for anyone to get through life without communicating. Even as infants, before we can talk, we are still able to communicate our needs. Friendships, relationships and marriages all start with communication, and their survival depends on it. Yet when it comes to the workplace some of us are obviously stumped. Research points to nearly half of employees not having a clue as to what their employer’s overall mission or vision is. Being able to recite company mantras like a trained parrot means nothing. But employees not knowing what their employer is trying to achieve and their part in it? Surely that’s tantamount to stumbling around a cave in the dark without a hope of finding a way out.

This is a symptom with just one underlying condition. Poor communication. Here are just some of the mistakes that both companies and individuals make:

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