The Truly Flexible Workplace


Prior to the advent of the Industrial Revolution, employment centred around trades and artisan crafters. People lived and worked with their families in one place, trading locally what they produced by hand.

Then came mechanisation, accompanied by a thirst for profits. Earning a crust no longer required a lifetime perfecting the skills your parents taught you. Talented individuals congregated together in cities, were exploited and reduced to cogs in a giant machine. Continue reading “The Truly Flexible Workplace”

Geek Chic


I have one of those faces. Over the years I’ve been told by numerous people I remind them of their friend or neighbour. I’ve been confused as being related to people I’m not. I’ve known those who can’t tell me apart from someone else they know, and others who swear they’ve spotted my doppelgänger. Continue reading “Geek Chic”

The Clear Policy Policy


I’ve been forced to clear out my wardrobe. Like many women I love clothes, and have a large collection of shoes and bags to go with them. However, I got a surprise the other morning when I opened the wardrobe doors and a tiny moth flew out. This is something I’ve never experienced before, and to be honest, something I thought only happened to old ladies in the 1940s. Continue reading “The Clear Policy Policy”