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Other articles and work produced by Helen Tracey (@hrpotential)

10 March 2016

Business Quarter article “Shocking news fails to prevent theft”

Helen Tracey, a lecturer in human resource management at Newcastle Business School, looks at the news surrounding e-commerce giant Amazon and the controversy surrounding the covert surveillance of employees. Read More

29 February 2016

HR Director: Book Review of Neuroscience for Organizational Change

Where is your brain most comfortable? Happily enabling you to tap away at your computer keyboard, or wandering somewhere more exotic? If you subscribe to the neuroscientific view, you would most certainly opt for the latter. Your employer is likely confident that it’s systems of management, technology and performance appraisal are designed to get the best out of its people. Read More

15 December 2015

Business Quarter Article “Levy does nothing for apprenticeships’ image”

“When we hear the term “Apprentice” nowadays we’re more likely to think of the BBC series that sees candidates battling for a coveted role. Despite the show’s high cringe factor, it’s probably done more for the image of apprenticeships than years of government re-branding ever did.” Read More

10 December 2015

HRpotential featured in The HR Tech Weekly’s Top 20 HR Blogs to follow!

“As an HR professional, you need to keep up with the latest trends. These 20 blogs are a treasure trove of knowledge for employee engagement.” Read More

3 December 2015

CIPD HR-Inform: Webinar on Maternity Leave and Pay: practical advice

“In this webinar Helen Tracey, Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Northumbria University, HR Blogger and Writer, covers the essential points required in your policy and practice and will give advice on how to develop your maternity leave and pay offering to best suit the needs of your organisation and its employees.” See More

24 September 2015

HR Director: Book Review of The Fear Free Organization 

“We’ve all had that awful feeling in the pit of our stomach called fear. It is certainly not the condition under which we would expect someone to perform at their best. Why then do so many organisations insist on driving performance through fear? This is the question answered by The Fear Free Organization.

The basic premise of the book is that fear leads to employees spending the majority of their time on self-preservation rather than developing the business. Recruitment, performance and development systems all emphasise desirable qualities such as creativity, motivation and productivity – yet nothing destroys these faster than fear. The view within such cultures that emotions equate to weakness fails to acknowledge that emotions underpin every decision we make and every action we take.” Read More

6 August 2015

HR Director Blog: The Remote Worker Route Map by Helen Tracey

“I very much dislike the phrase “Remote Worker”. The word “Remote” has all the wrong sort of connotations for effectiveness when an employee doesn’t have a regular office base. When we think of the term it conjures one of two mental images.

Firstly, the small device used to control a tv. That type of remote was invented because us humans are pretty lazy and welcome anything to make our lives a little easier. So rather than having to make the effort to interact with the tv itself and push its buttons, we can control it from afar.” Read More

17 June 2015

HR Director: Book Review of The Thought Leadership Manual by Helen Tracey

“Thought leadership has all the hallmarks of a great idea badly labelled. This is acknowledged by Prizeman, whose practical and down to earth tone initially dispels the image of a smarmy salesperson using it as a hook to peddle their wares. Forgetting the misuse of the term, a thought leader is known for their knowledge and shares insight. They’re influential and an expert in their field. Who wouldn’t want that? ” Read More

March 2015

CIPD HR-Inform: Webinar on Getting to grips with Shared Parental Leave: practical advice

In this webinar Helen Tracey, an HR and Business Strategy Manager, gives her top tips for planning and implementing the Shared parental leave regulations, with advice on policies, pay and handling requests.” See More

10 December 2014

HRpotential Ranked #33 in the World!

HRpotential featured at Number 33 of HR Software Insight’s Worldwide “Top 50 Blogs to read in 2015”. Read More

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