Be More Dragonfly


A nature programme isn’t usually high on my tv viewing priority list (I’m much more interested in people) but a few weeks ago there was a slow tv night and it seemed pretty much the best thing on.

As if aware of his reluctant viewers, the presenter attracted my interest with his sensational claim that “dragonflies can stop time”. Continue reading “Be More Dragonfly”

The Three Word Engagement Strategy


Type “what is engagement?” into Google and you’re faced with four differing definitions. Obvious references to marriage aside, the first three resonate with what, on paper, organisations ideally want from their employee engagement programmes – things like agreement, commitment and involvement. Heckling from the back is the definition of what organisation’s secretly fear will be the actual outcome of their attempts at engagement – conflict. A scary and chaotic thing. Continue reading “The Three Word Engagement Strategy”

Are Values Valuable?


Ah Values. Those intangible yet desirable qualities that embellish websites, pepper strategy documents and are emblazoned across corporate promotional materials the World over.

Nowadays values are just words. We don’t measure them, we just expect people to have them. We don’t tell people what they mean, we just expect them to know. Often their absence is when they are most salient. In a nutshell, values aren’t really valued. Continue reading “Are Values Valuable?”