Inner voice: Use it? Or Listen to it?


Use your inner voice. I’ve heard this said a lot lately. Not necessarily directed at me you will understand, and when it was, in jest (I think). Hopefully the phrase’s comeback isn’t attributed to a very similar reference made throughout the trashy novel of the moment, but nonetheless it appears to have had a resurgence amongst witty repartee hereabouts. Continue reading “Inner voice: Use it? Or Listen to it?”

Recruitment: Not Exactly What it Says on the Tin


I’ve been a little obsessed with eBay lately. I’ve been finding random things around the house to sell and exchanging my profits for fabulous shoes (those of you who met me at #CIPD14 may have realised my passion for heels, no matter how painful!). Whats not to like! Continue reading “Recruitment: Not Exactly What it Says on the Tin”

This is Getting Old


Concerns about age used to be centred on living long enough to be able to provide for our families and see our children grow up. Now that it seems those wishes for longevity have come true (in the most part for those living in the developed World) concerns are regarding quality of life, and perhaps more specifically whether our bodies and/or minds will last long enough to not be a burden on our families in our old age. Continue reading “This is Getting Old”