Are you in the loop?

It is said that the generation now entering the workforce desire constant feedback and close contact with their line manager. This is something higher education is acutely aware of and is always striving to improve. In fact, part of my seminar this week involved facilitating an activity on feedback. This made me wonder why employers have not been quite as receptive. Continue reading “Are you in the loop?”

Creating (or killing) positivity 

On Wednesday the train I normally jump on for my commute home was delayed. Or to put it more accurately, all trains going in the direction I wanted to go were cancelled due to a major signal failure. Although I’m reassured that this is not a regular occurrence, it’s the second time in the three weeks I’ve been commuting that it’s happened to me. People get a real bee in their bonnet about the failings of the transport network (roadworks, traffic jams), but public transport in particular is the victim of much anger venting. If it is late, we are late; for work, for home, and for connecting services. It eats into our time. It creates wasted time. Some people find this very annoying.  Continue reading “Creating (or killing) positivity “

Creative Conformity

I’m one week in to my new role and my transformation from HR practitioner to HR Lecturer. Within my first few days the stand out difference between practice and academia was revealed to me. This is the freedom to have, and explore, your own opinions.  Continue reading “Creative Conformity”

Do women or men make better leaders?

A couple of years ago “scientific proof” that male and female brains operate differently was announced. This was quickly followed by general uproar and the accusation that science was “validating sexism”. More recently the original study has been supplemented by more in depth research, which confirmed that the brains of the different sexes are in fact different. However, those differences are very small Continue reading “Do women or men make better leaders?”